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Saving a jpg image as gipl, vti, pic, sdt, spr, vtk and subsequently loading them fails and produces errors
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  1. Open a jpg image (nrrdwritingtestimage.jpg)
  2. Save it as .gipl file
  3. Open the .gipl file

> image is incorrect (colors are not there and image is distorted)

  1. Repeat 2. and 3. with the following types
  2. vti ending => image is incorrect
  3. pic => error on opening (Sascha mentioned that it should be disabled)
  4. sdt => no reader available
  5. spr => exception while reading file
  6. vtk with VTK legacy image => incorrect image
  7. vtk with ITK VTKImageIO => works for me on Linux, on Windows and Apple it produced a crash (see bug TBD)
  8. vtk with VTK unstructured grid => exception. Same happens when you open ball.vtk and select unstructured grid

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Many of these are probably fixed already. Some errors might be due to ITK reader reporting write extensions for formats which they might not really be able to write to.

Martins list needs to be re-checked.

Should be investigated for the upcoming release

gipl: broken, looks like an offset error:
vti: working
pic: broken, identical to gipl. Additionally, choosing the dkfz reader, an exception occurs
vtk: working. Using ITK VTK Image IO, MITK crahses.

I#m reducing the relevance of this and moving to after next release. Impacted image types gipl and pic (BioRad) are very old legacy formats without much relevance. Instead I'm going to write a test that automatically converts images and compares results, so we can get a functionality matrix. This should also identify crashing readers, which we should avoid at all costs.

BTW: both readers are provided by ITK, and both images fail to be read/written as a multicomponent image and instead are interpreted as greyscale.

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