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Antialiasing does not work (again)
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Antialiasing does not work on the current master.

This feature always used to work with the older QvtkWidget and stopped working with the newer QvtkWidget2. However, we migrated back to the QvtkWidget and I have no clue why it is not working this time. If possible, this should be fixed for the current release.

I will check the following commits today:
-Integration of VTK 6.2
-Migrating back to QvtkWidget

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Bisect result:

tommy@mbi097:/usr/local/thomas/MITK-Master$ git bisect good
72caf15cb877a1d56c9611edeb3cb53cc724d730 is the first bad commit
commit 72caf15cb877a1d56c9611edeb3cb53cc724d730
Author: Stefan Kislinskiy <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 14:08:24 2015 +0100

Default value for DESIRED_QT_VERSION is now 5 except for MacOS.

:100644 100644 188aa69c8e36b42a693e06e00068fbc2e3f8045c 7ce776e92ba58d0ba3eaadae02168d7aca868d3b M CMakeLists.txt

For the upcoming release (15-03) this will be declared as a known issue. Each user can temporarily fix the anti aliasing with his graphic driver settings.

Changing target milestone to AfterNextRelease and lowered importance as it is easy and common practice to change antialiasing through application profiles of the graphics driver utilities, which just works.

We should consider to remove the antialiasing setting until we can reliably switch antialiasing. A prerequisite is a better compatibility between Qt 5 and VTK.

This seems to be a VTK issue. I added a bug report in their Mantis bug tracker:

That bug has been resolved. I will integrate the fix in our vtk patch file after I tested it.

What is the status of this bug? Is it an issue for all OS or only for linux?

In the source code of class QmitkRenderWindow I could find further details:

// Needed if QVTKWidget2 is used instead of QVTKWidget
//this will be fixed in VTK source if change 18864 is accepted
/*QGLFormat newform = this->format();

I think we can close this as it is a VTK bug:

Also, it seems that antialiasing is not being missed...

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