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Backface surface rendering is disabled
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Rendering of surface in wire-frame mode is pretty ugly right now. I will attach a screen shot for illustration.

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Backface rendering of last release and current master

surfaceError.png (592×1 px, 871 KB)

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This feature seems to be implemented only in vtkOpenGLPolydatamapper which is now deprecated.
In vtkRenderer, twoSidedRendering can be disabled in order to restore that behavior.
On the downside, every surface is dark on the inside with the default lighting setting, so maybe we should make it an option.

Christoph, are there other further concerns?

I think providing an additional bool property "backface rendering" for surfaces would be a viable option to reintegrate this functionality in MITK.

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There already is the property Backface Culling. I guess it's more about how to render the backface to be distinguishable from the frontfaces.

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