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Workbench crashes when a XNAT project is clicked if it is visible but not accessible
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Clicked a visible xnat project but it was not accessible so the workbench crashes...

Error code:
144.11 ERROR: An error occurred: ctkRuntimeException: Http request failed. {c933339a-4e38-4ef7-ad9f-52af259a94b5}: 202: Error download
ing - server replied: Forbidden

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I can reproduce this bug.

My setting:

  • I have access to project 'XNAT Example Project'.
  • I have no access to project 'S01 Test'.
  • Both projects have a shared subject 'example_subject_1'.

The error occurs if I try to access subject 'example_subject_1' via project 'S01 Test'.

The result of the HTTP get request called within fetchImpl() is null. Thus, the exception is raised from method ctkXnatSessionPrivate::throwXnatException().
In this method, the default case of the error type check is reached.

It seems to be a bug in the REST API of XNAT (handling HTTP requests with restricted access). It can not be solved within MITK.

This bug also occurs in the XNAT Tree Browser which comes with CTK.