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Remove MITK Python and Numpy from excludes for ALL build configuration
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Python should work now for all platforms

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User brehler has pushed new remote branch:


[990289]: Merge branch 'bug-19121-removePythonExcludesForAllBuildConf'

Merged commits:

2015-06-03 16:15:47 Michael Brehler [20218c]
check for 32bit in build all configuration and disable python and numpy

[4ec312]: Merge branch 'bug-19121-removePythonExcludesForAllBuildConf'

Merged commits:

2015-06-03 16:54:45 Michael Brehler [5b1bd8]
COMP: revert python from all configuration because of Qt Version conflict

Michael, is this bug fixed with the given branch?

Both commits (20218c and 5b1bd8) are in the 2015.05.02 release.