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Segmentation on MultiLabels cannot be continued
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to reproduce:
creating a new segmenation,
do some segmenting,
save it (as a mutlti-label image),
load it again (as a multi-label image,

> its not possible to continue on that image.

(loading it as regular image works though).

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Here is probably an additional data node predicate missing.
In QmitkSegmentationView the types of the data that can be contained by the segmentation selection combobox is defined via the data node predicates.

I assume that we have to add another predicate for the LabelSetImage

User goetzm has pushed new remote branch:


Found a bug in statistic bundle. It was not possible to use it with LabelSetImages. Fixed this too.

[5b5887]: Merge branch 'bug-19263-SegmentationContinuedAfterRestart'

Merged commits:

2015-08-25 16:15:29 Michael Goetz [066ee1]
Added LabelSetImage support to statistics

2015-08-25 15:44:18 Michael Goetz [0f8d98]
Added LabelSet to the supported data types for segmentation

User goch has pushed new remote branch:


[c1974a]: Merge branch 'bug-19263-reloaded-segmentation-recognized-as-such'

Merged commits:

2016-04-12 15:07:01 Caspar Goch [99120a]
Fix auto selection and events

2016-04-11 18:14:41 Caspar Goch [e6c7e3]
Add yet another predicate to differentiate between segmentation and non-segmentation images