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Scrolling through images does not work with crosshair rotation
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Load image
  • activate crosshair rotation
  • slice navigation by mouse wheel scrolling is only possible if the mouse is not over a plane axis.

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Detailed change request missing.

Added a new transition state to the Modules/Core/resource/Interactions/DisplayInteraction.xml to make the mouse scroll function work.

Actual behavior:
When the mouse course switches into rotation mode the slice navigation is not possible anymore. The mouse switches into rotation mode as soon as its near a plane in the 2D render window.

Expected behavior:

When the user don't want to rotate the planes and the mouse cursor is next to a plane and switches into rotation mode it should still be possible to slice with the mouse wheel without having to move the mouse far away from the plane.

Cause of the bug:

Missing transition state in the statemachine.

Proposed solution

Add a state that allows slicing while the cursor is in rotation mode.

Affected classes

No code affected only: /Core/resource/Interactions/DisplayInteraction.xml
was changed. ( Transition state added)

How will the bugfix get tested?
Manually tests by user interaction.

Thanks for taking care of this. I noticed that it is also not possible to zoom and pan.
Can you fix this as well please?

This was possible in MITK 2015.05.2.
I think this issue is related with the display geometry changes.

Added zooming and panning transition states in plane rotation mode.

[0c291b]: Merge branch 'bug-19418-crosshair-rotation'

Merged commits:

2015-12-02 15:07:35 Eric Heim [2784b0]
Fixed mouse position event while zooming and panning in rotated plane mode

2015-12-02 14:01:26 Eric Heim [c48482]
added zooming and panning in plane rotation mode

2015-11-04 13:48:00 Eric Heim [b6ef13]
Add transition state to be able to scroll through slices when the mouse pointer is over a plane