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2D segmentation "Confirm for all slices" leads to crashes
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Do segmentation checklist until "Confirm for all slices" shall be pressed. Sometimes, clicking this button (and the small popup) leads to crashes or weired artefacts (RGB stripes) in the renderwindows. Attached the console output.

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wirkert added a subscriber: wirkert.

This might be linked to bug-19510

One reason is that the shape-based interpolation still uses the ipSegmentation library which is deprecated. The ipSegmentation library has a lot of code that assumes that the pixel type of a segmentation image is unsigned char. But since the migration to the new multilabel segmentation data structure the pixel type is unsigned short.

We should replace the ipSegmentation library with ITK-based code. T15985 is about removing the ipSegmentation code from the 2D interpolation.

Another reason is, that in the QmitkSlicesInterpolator::AcceptAllInterpolations still unsigned char is used instead of unsigned short.

User fetzer has pushed new remote branch:


ATTENTION: Branch: "bug-19515-crash-when-accept-all-slices-for-2D-interpolation" fixes only one part of this issue. The provided fix for T15985 has to be merged as well in order to completely fix this issue.

[180e8b]: Merge branch 'bug-19515-crash-when-accept-all-slices-for-2D-interpolat

Merged commits:

2016-02-12 02:45:38 Andreas Fetzer [fcae24]
Fixed PixelType when accepting interpolation for all slices