Watershed seems to allow too few regions or is not working properly
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Watershed Segmentation seems to allow way too few segmentations or does not work properly. It is for example not possible to generate a remotely useful segmentation on PIC3D with said tool.

To demonstrate this:

  1. load PIC3D
  2. create empty segmentation, go to 3D toole -> watershed
  3. set both sliders to 0.02
  4. run segmentation

Segmentations are only generated for slices close to z=0. The plugin seems to start creating regions from the watershed result at z=0 and then aborts region generation once an internal hard coded number of regions is reached. Is that the desired behavior? If so, can we increase the number of allowed regions?
Alternatively there may actually be a lot of regions that are generated but they could be written into a data structure that does not support that many unique entries (uint 8 image???).