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Destructor of QmitkAbstractTrackingDeviceWidget tries to destroy invalid member
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I encountered this issue when using MITK-MBI *in debug mode*, however, the error appears in MITK code.

An unhandled exception occurs in the first line of the destructor,


if (m_TestConnectionWorker) delete m_TestConnectionWorker;

when m_TestConnectionWorker should be deleted. The unhandled exception appears if I run a plugin which has a dependency to IGT (e.g. heartmeasurement, the plugin view does not necessarily be opened to produce the bug!). Also, the bug seems to be related to a persistency issue, since it happens only if the AppData-Folder is empty.

Call Stack:

MitkIGTUI.dll!QmitkAbstractTrackingDeviceWidget::~QmitkAbstractTrackingDeviceWidget() Line 37 C++

	MitkIGTUI.dll!QmitkNDIAbstractDeviceWidget::~QmitkNDIAbstractDeviceWidget() Line 40	C++
	MitkIGTUI.dll!QmitkNDIAuroraWidget::~QmitkNDIAuroraWidget() Line 43	C++
	[External Code]	
	MitkIGTUI.dll!mitk::TrackingDeviceWidgetCollection::~TrackingDeviceWidgetCollection() Line 33	C++
	MitkIGTUIConfigurationWidgetRegistry.dll!mitk::IGTUIActivator::~IGTUIActivator() Line 43	C++
	[External Code]	
	MitkIGTUIConfigurationWidgetRegistry.dll!`_us_module_activator_instance_MitkIGTUIConfigurationWidgetRegistry'::`2'::ScopedPointer::~ScopedPointer() Line 70	C++
	[External Code]

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The exception occurs if I try to close the application.

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