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PlanarEllipse has an 'unnecessary' fourth control-point and a second PolyLine
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The mitk::PlanarEllipse currently uses 4 Control-Points and two Polylines although the documentation of the class itself states, that an ellipse has 3 control-points by definition.

The first and the fourth control-point form a second polyline for which I cannot see any purpose. I have seen, that Peter obviously had something in mind when implementing that code, but it seems to be broken.

Does someone know what the purpose of this extension is or can it simply be removed??

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I once talked to Peter regarding this ugly extra line and he answered that it is somehow useful to see the maximum radius of the ellipse on an arbitrary axis while placing the ellipse figure. I agree to you, it's terrible and I vote for removing it. If people start to complain, we can still make it somehow optional.

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