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Remove code wich is deprecated since <=2014_10
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Okay. Just a hint for the future: These unsigned int / int comparisons often occur when there is a semi-unknown type involved, for example, any typedef one is too lazy to look up. C++11 decltype comes to the rescue:

old: for(int c=0; c<matrix.ColumnDimensions; c++)
new: for(decltype(matrix.ColumnDimensions) c = 0; c < matrix.ColumnDimensions; ++c)

This does not seem to work:
error: increment of read-only variable ‘c’

But it works with auto:
for(auto c = decltype(matrix.ColumnDimensions){0}; c < matrix.ColumnDimensions; ++c)

[4543c5]: COMP: Merge branch 'bug-19720-RemoveDeprecatedIOUtilStrings'

Merged commits:

2016-05-09 18:29:51 Christoph Kolb [5c93be]
use auto and decltype in for loop

2016-05-09 18:16:27 Christoph Kolb [7cdfb4]
use decltype in matrix iteration

2016-05-09 17:58:08 Christoph Kolb [1b7c1c]
Fix integer comparison warnings

2016-05-09 17:57:58 Christoph Kolb [4012a6]
Remove deprecated strings in IOUtil

That's because the type seems to be const. For this case please use std::remove_const in the future.

Can we remove all the rest of the deprecated code now as well?

std::remove_const isn't working in this context. However, until itkMatrix colum/row index is surely of type unsigned int we should use it directly!

[8b6411]: COMP:Merge branch 'bug-19720-fixTypeComparison'

Merged commits:

2016-05-11 14:54:50 Jonas Cordes [77c9ab]
remove decltype type declarations
itkMatrix col/row indices are unsigned int

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