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[Dashboard] Fiber processing test fails due to segmentation fault
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Currently the fiber processing test produces a segmentation fault on Windows:

The above commit is the first one to produce that result, but concerned itself with the adding of dicom tags to loaded dicom images, which are not used in the test at all.

The test only fails on the dart client and I could not reproduce the failure on another machine.

For now I disable Test 5 of the fiber processing test to unblock the dashboard. It would be great if a MICler could try to reproduce and fix the bug.

Crash happens in:
mitk::FiberBundle::Pointer mitk::FiberBundle::RemoveFibersOutside(ItkUcharImgType* mask, bool invert)

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User goch has pushed new remote branch:


[5fab1a]: COMP: Merge branch 'bug-19770-disable-FiberProcessing-Test5'

Merged commits:

2016-05-30 19:10:28 Caspar Goch [5cc5cf]
disabled test 5 of the fiberprocessing test

Could not reproduce on Linux, Valgrind memory analysis reports an 'Invalid read of size 1' in

mitk::FiberBundle::RemoveFibersOutside(itk::Image<uchar,3u>*, bool) on line 861

however this is also reported for the Test6-Case calling this function and this one runs without issues on the dartclient. The only difference is in the bool parameter (Test5 - false, Test6 - true) which controls whether the cropping mask is inverted or not.

The error first occured on 05/23 after a rather unrelated commit (DICOM-tag-properties)

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