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Additional dicom tags are not read in DicomFileReader
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Tags of interest are defined using the IDICOMTagsOfInterest Service and then added to the reader (see snippet).
In a test with MITK-Data/RT/Dose/RD.dcm and MITK-Data/DicomReader/CR-MONO1-10-chest-spacing-pixelspacing.dcm, less than half of the desired DICOM tags were read that did exist in the dicom (e.g. the PatientName was not read).
The GetTagValue( DICOMImageFrameInfo* frame, const DICOMTag& tag ) method of the class mitkDICOMGDCMTagScanner did not found/read the desired tags in the dicom.
It may has to do something with the DataType of the Tag (IS, UI, US, CS were read. LO, DA, PN, SH, SQ were not read. The tags with DS were inconsistent).

DICOMTag referencedRTPlan(0x300c, 0x0002);
DICOMTag largestImagePixelValue(0x0010, 0x0010);
mitk::IDICOMTagsOfInterest* toiSrv = GetDicomTagsOfInterestService();
if (toiSrv)



mitk::StringList oneFile = {filename};
mitk::DICOMFileReaderSelector::Pointer selector = mitk::DICOMFileReaderSelector::New();
mitk::DICOMFileReader::Pointer reader = selector->GetFirstReaderWithMinimumNumberOfOutputImages();

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2016-06-13 09:02:43 Ralf Floca [5000b1]
fixed bug. Added modification calls to reader.

Signed-off-by: Ralf Floca <>

Fixed. Was a problem with the auto selector. In the auto selection process tags are already scanned and tag cache was not actualized when adding additional tags of interest.