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Perfusion Conversion to Concentration: Average Baseline signal
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For absolute and relative signal enhancement, the baseline signal of the time-series is used. Currently the first time frame is used as baseline, which leads to errors and statistical variations.
Implementation of a feature that allows to average the S(0) image from several baseline timepoints (frame x to y) would help.

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No effots have been taken in this direction so far. For automatic determination of the number of frames to be averaged, a robust and accurate method for BAT (bolus arrival time, initial rise of concentration-time-curve) would be needed. So far this is not existing (linear-linear model exists, but is strongly dependent on curve shape).
Hence, implementation should give the user the option to define a certain number of frames (or even better a range of frames, so that 1st frame could be excluded, in case of not reachesd steady-state e.g.) from which the baseline signal is then averaged. This could then be included in the conversion to relative/absolute signal enhancement.

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In a meeting with Alina Bendinger (27.11.2019) we concluded that a sufficient solution for now is to allow the user to choose a range of timepoints from which the baseline will be calculated as average value.

This will be implemented as an additional option for relative and absolute conversion from signal to concentration.

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