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Statistics histogram not displayed properly with Dark Theme
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On windows, the statistics histograms are displayed with a light grey background. They are working, but it is really ugly and not "dark" at all.
On Ubuntu, the histograms are not displayed. They appear for a very short time (<1s) when opening the plugin or selecting an image.

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The C3js module now checks which theme is selected and changes the css-File according to that. I also changed the empty page. It now also loads a js file and can therefor be controled by the same css-File as the histograms.

Known issue: If the statistics plugin is open while the user changes the theme, the color is not updated until the user selects another image. The plugin somehow has to be notified.
This code from the general chat can be helpful:

berry::IViewPart::Pointer datamanagerView = this->GetSite()->GetWorkbenchWindow()->GetActivePage()->FindView("org.mitk.views.datamanager");
if (datamanagerView.IsNull())
  MITK_INFO << "Datamanager not alive";
  MITK_INFO << "Datamanager alive";
kleina added a subscriber: hentsch.

Seems to work now. Tested by @kirchnth on Linux and @hentsch on windows.