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unsigned char binary image in segmentation plugin
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Jun 22 2017, 5:24 PM
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F786634: Capture.PNG
Jun 23 2017, 11:23 AM
F786394: Threshold.png
Jun 22 2017, 5:24 PM
F786397: FastMarching3D.png
Jun 22 2017, 5:24 PM


I know that the segmentation plugin only creates unsigned short image but the user can load his own binary image created with another tool. Most of the tools work in the OLD segmentation plugin (I didn't test the multilabel) except:

Threshold, UL Threshold

Threshold.png (445×1 px, 20 KB)

and Fast Marching 3D. Possibly also for Region Growing 3D but I don't have the data to test.

FastMarching3D.png (442×1 px, 24 KB)

At least, it's easy to understand the problem with these images :)

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I'm not sure to understand what you did? The images probably show 16-bit images interpreted as 8-bit images, hence the higher byte gaps. I opened an old unsigned char segmentation and it works for me:

Capture.PNG (369×853 px, 51 KB)

I tested with the MITK 2016.11 release and I can at least confirm the bug for "Fast Marching 3D" and "Region Growing 3D"
Use the 'short' folder in

For "Threshold, UL Threshold", there's a bug only on the 'float' folder, but there's this bug that need to be fixed before you see it so I can't tell you to test with the 2016.11 release. Same for the current master branch.

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