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SlicedGeometry3D crash when volume is rotated by 45 degrees
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Applications can crash because of a bug in mitk::PlaneGeometry and mitk::SlicedGeometry. The crash happens when reinitialising the renderers along a given orientation (sagittal, coronal or axial).

The crash happens because an invalid transformation matrix is created during the initialisation. This is because of the code I added to determine which axes is closest to the individual world orientations. In extreme cases when the volume is rotated exactly by 45 degrees, the same axis will be mapped to different orientations, and some axis will not be mapped to any orientations.

It is probably not common to have images which are rotated exactly by 45 degrees around some world axes. We discovered this because we have an affine transformation plugin that allows the user to apply any transformation on a volume interactively.

I will send a PR shortly.

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All the geometry tests of MITK pass on Linux, although probably there is not a test for this special case.

We still need to test it with our affine transform plugin.

What's the result? :)

Our tests failed. :-(

We are working on it...

I have to allow an epsilon difference for rounding error, but it is not enough, it still crashes when the volume is rotated around two world axes by 45 degrees. I get a matrix that I thought is invalid but it is not.

I sent a new PR and closed the previous one.

It is tested and works well for all the special cases.

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