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Test XNAT-archive access through Proxy
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Since XNAT is installed at DKFZ, access from RM through the UK-HD Proxy needs to be tested. Access should be available from:
Webbrowser (via https)

  • MITK (via XNAT Plugin)

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@nolden, tomorrow I will meet with Prof. Yen at forensics institute. If there is time left, XNAT-access via Webbrowser and MITK (DIPP with XNAT Plugin) testing can be performed.

@reicht do you need support? Additional testcases? cc'ing @metzger @thomass

resolving the address:

results to: (
  • Not sure how to configure the XNAT Plugin in MITK for the sfb-xnat instance.

@metzger sent me all the details :-)

For now only the web-access incl. java dependencies will be checked.

Access and Login to XNAT via Webbrowser works
Viewing images on and downloading images from XNAT-Webportal did not work and caused a Java error (Exception that some JavaClass is missing although java is properly installed). Therefore the Webportal is of low interest.

  • Installation of DIPP will work only on new PCs with 64 Bit Operating system (ev. use Notebook)
  • Test MITK-XNAT plugin on site (contact Mr. Falk Gauss, IT Admin at Forensics Dept.)
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not required