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Apply C++ 11 modernizations
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Aug 24 2017, 12:07 PM
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Quite a number of modernizations for C++ 11 can be applied using the clang-tidy tool (former clang-modernize). This task will track the automatic improvements which will also fix some warnings. T23268 is related, but here we will only apply automatic fixes

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Ubuntu 17.10
sudo apt-get install clang-5.0 clang-tidy-5.0
cd MITK-superbuild/MITK-build
/usr/lib/llvm-5.0/share/clang/ -header-filter='.*' -checks='-*,modernize-use-override' -fix
NOTE: Had to remove -Wstrict-null-sentinel from top-level and CppMicroServices CMakeLists.txt files before running clang-tidy. Didn't commit these changes, though.

We should test the branch above with the minimum supported versions of MSVC, GCC, and Clang. Tested successfully with GCC 7.2 so far.

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