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Homogenous look for relevant plugins and workbench
Closed, ResolvedPublic


  • new icon design for segmentation plugins
  • check other icons
  • black theme (?)
  • change logo (T23330)
  • ...

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Icons ideas:

  • Image Navigator: fa-sliders + adding a slider below
  • DICOM Browser: fa-circle with different grey values (attention dark and white theme)
  • Property List: fa-file-text with fa-search
  • Pointset: fa-map-pin (rotated(?))
  • Segmentation Utilities: fa-wrench + ?


  • View Navigator
  • Remeshing
  • Measurement

FYI, there's a magic theme color that is replaced by the according color of a theme when loading an icon from a SVG resource. This magic color is maximum intensity green: #00ff00. For example, when doing FontAwesome-style icons, they shouldn't be black anymore. Instead use #00ff00 as fill color. If a theme doesn't provide a substitute for the magic icon color, they will be colored black by default when loaded by MITK.

Yeah I know. I found your work in T23281. pretty cool! :-)