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Add option to display needle axis during tracking
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Add checkbox to tracking toolbox, to enable the display of the needle axis during tracking.

This should be implemented using the NeedleProjectionFilter. Best place is probably in QmitkMITKIGTTrackingToolboxView::UpdateRenderTrackingTimer()

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After finishing of T23699, check if needle axis visualization is automatically updated when changing the axis during tracking (e.g. tool calibration view).

@mittmann: What is the status of this task? It seems that this option is implemented now?

Update: I will check this task tomorrow (wednesday) and will give a feedback tomorrow, if it is working.

Update 1:
The option of displaying the tool projection is implemented.

Update 2:
The displayed tool projection visualization is not updated when changing the axis during tracking by the tool calibration view.
@seitela : Should the tool projection visualization be updated when changing the axis?

Update 3:
The visible checkbox "Show Tool Axis" is visible but not clickable at all. In an earlier software version it was clickable.

So, do we can close this task and open a new task for the few corrections?

Re Update 2:
When changing the tool axis this basically means changing the navigation tool itself. The information about changing the tool axis is currently not passed to the TrackingTool which is used during continuous tracking. So neither the surface representation nor the tool projection will be updated during tracking but should be updated when re-connecting

Re Update 3:
This should be easy to fix by handling it similar as the tool projection

I suggest fixing Update 3 with this task and creating a new one for Update 2.

Will you be working on this?

Ok, I will fix the issue concerning update 3 today and will create the task to update 2 (still not assigned).

Ok, make sure to branch of for this and also merge your changes into the IGT Release branch