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Improve MITK HiDPI support
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UI rendering on HiDPI diplays (4k, 2,5k on small laptops etc.) is still sub-optimal. Qt has changed and probably improved a lot since we last checked with their options:

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We should discuss if/how we revisit that task. With current hidpi monitors (e.g. our new notebooks), it realy starts to become a usibility issue in my regard.

here is an example from my notebook with a few issues:

  1. Welcome screen is very small and somehow off
  2. initial scaling off left sidebar is too small for the navigator view
  3. height of node selection widgets is to small and as a result the thumbnail is so small that it is rendered nearly useless
  4. icons in the list of labels are not scaled correctly (guess due to hard coded sizes).
  5. Icons of the tools are too small

    mitk hidpi.PNG (2×3 px, 428 KB)

remark: notably the icons of our toolbar upscaled correctly. So there our blueberry code seems to make something right/better.

remark 2: regarding a better/correct sizing in relation to the screen dpi this code snippet could be helpfull ( Shows how to implement helper class that scales us given the QSize instance so that it is appropriate to the current screen dpi.