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SetWidgetPlane-functions in QmitkStdMultiWidget not used
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The QmitkStdMultiWidget contains three functions to change the widget plane mode:

  • SetWidgetPlaneModeToSlicing
  • SetWidgetPlaneModeToRotation
  • SetWidgetPlaneModeToSwivel

These functions are never used anywhere. Instead, changing the widget plane mode is done by receiving signals from the QmitkRenderWindows (signal ChangeCrosshairRotationMode). The used int argument is transformed into a specific interaction scheme and used to change the interaction mode of the mouse mode switcher (which loads a new .xml interaction-config file).

Additionally the mentioned functions wouldn't work since they use a specific enum for the int argument. This is problematic, since the the enums do not contain the ROTATIONLINKED mode and therefore would set the wrong interaction scheme.

Furthermore I cannot find any call to

  • SetWidgetPlanesLocked
  • SetWidgetPlanesRotationLocked
  • SetWidgetPlanesRotationLinked

Additionally the emitted signal WidgetPlanesRotationLinked is never used anywhere.

It seems that all interaction scheme changes are done by the render window menus and the other mentioned functions are not needed anymore. However, interaction scheme describes different levels of modes. This will be further explained and put up for discussion in T24368.

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Functions have been removed in T24215.
Additional functions to be removed: see T26542