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Refactor classes to use the QmitkAbstractMultiWidget(Editor)
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In order to work with the new multi widgets and editors several classes need to be refactored (remove StdMultiWidget(Editor) dependencies).
A lot of hard-coded QmitkStdMultiWidgets are used where an MxNMultiWidget should work, too.

Additionally the whole render window lay-outing needs to be revised in order to cope with the new multi widget.

IMPORTANT: This is a huge and mayor change that needs to be reviewed, observed and communicated with the userbase.

In order to fully use these changes, the following tasks need to be solved:
T26542: Remove functions from StdMultiWidget(Editor)
T26543: Enum for AXIAL, SAGITTAL, CORONAL 3D/ORIGINAL/NONE is provided at many different locations
T26545: [Multi widget] Make classes work with QmitkAbstractMultiWidget(Editor)

This task also solves:
T24367: SetWidgetPlane-functions in QmitkStdMultiWidget not used

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