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Optimize imageStatisticsContainer
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from review

  • itkNewMacro:
    • I would tend to use itkFactorylessNew() to avoid the overhead of the factory in class that is potentially often created and destroyed. In addition this class will likely not profit from the itk factory feature
  • typedef std::vector < std::pair<std::string, std::string> > statisticsOrderedVectorType
    • Use upper camel case
    • use map?
  • void SetTimeGeometryFromImage()
    • remove function
  • vnl_vector<int> m_MinIndex, m_MaxIndex;
    • use itk::Index instead
  • unsigned int m_Label;
    • define LabelIndex/LabelID type instead
  • move implementation to cpp file
  • void Print();
    • remove
  • StatisticsObject GetStatisticsForTimeStep(TimeStepType timeStep) const;
    • document precondition: valid timestep