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DICOM sort fails for RWV modality
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A directory containing CT and RWV modality files causes some errors, data can't be shared but is available from @kleesiek or @nolden .

Two things are already investigated:

  1. gdcm 2.6 doesn't handle RWV at all, gdcm 2.8 seems to have better support.
  2. Sort failure for some datasets should not necessarily break the complete reading. The CT files of the mentioned dataset are perfectly readable if copied to a separate folder.

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If this task is still relevant and it is not needed to read the RWV modality, I assume that T27321 and T27322 will fix the problem and you can read the CT.
So either wait till they are officially in the master or test branch T27321-Improve_DICOM_3DnT_handling directly.

I'm currently trying to get access to the relevant data again.

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I got some data now which shows a problem with MITK 2018.4 but works with the current master. I don't see though the RWV thing. Can't remember exactly how I investigated this back then. Let's hope the more robust handling of DICOM fixed this as @floca noted , I informed the reporting users that they should comment if this should be investigated again.