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"Segmentation" property is rarely used
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In mitkTool.cpp the call SetProperty("segmentation", BoolProperty::New(true)); is used when creating a new segmentation node.
As far as I can see this property is only used in

  • mitkImageStatisticsHotspotTest.cpp
  • mitkMultiGaussianTest.cpp
  • QmitkDataSelectionWidget.cpp

For segmentations most of the time the property "binary" is used.

We should clarify if the "segmentation" property is useful and how it should be used.

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Status quo:

  • binary and segmentation is set for legacy segmentation images that were created with our segmentation tools. binary is always set even the legacy segmentation was not created in MITK.
  • Both properties are also set for the current segmentation image type which isn't necessary in theory because the image type would be enough.


Keep the properties for legacy segmentations, try to check the data type for recent segmentations.