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Should we move DICOMPropertyPath helper to Core
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Currently the DICOMPropertyPath class is located in DICOMReader module. But in Order to introduce more and more DICOM encoding for properties (e.g. see ImageSourcePropertyRule and the Task of helper methods to correctly set properties of base data; like Image Instance UIDs in mitk::Images) it could be handy to have this class directly in the core because it makes specifying dicom pathes easier then using PropertyPath class.

If we do that we either have to seperate DICOMPRopertyPath from DICOMTag in order to avoid building a dependency against GDCM in the core; or we accept this dependencies (because we already have it implecitly via ITK, which builds with GDCM)

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kislinsk triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Apr 26 2019, 11:20 AM

Result of the discussion:
At the current state we voted against moving to core.

The currently prefered approach, if we whant to regroup, would be to move everything general (like the DICOMTags, DICOMPRopertyPath, and also RelationRules that depend on DICOM) to a DICOM module (that does not the IO, thats DICOMIO)

This could then also mean that nearly every module/plugin has a dependency to the module DICOM, if we also move the helper to correctly configure new data there).

If done, it should be done after or in conjunction with T25805.

floca edited projects, added MITK (v2021.02); removed MITK.