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Colorcoding for surfaces does not work correctly
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If you load a surface (.vtp) with scalar values to visualize colorcoding, the default scalar range for the colors is set to [0,1]. This leads to incorrect visualization whenever a surface holds values different from the range.

The range is received by the properties "ScalarsRangeMaximum/Minimum" in class mitkSurfaceVtkMapper3D, but never set. Strong and easy-to-fix recommendation would be to add the two properties to the function SetDefaultPropertiesForVtkProperty.

However this causes the problem that if a custom lookup table is used, those values must be set to the same values or will be overwritten. Furthermore, there is room for discussion, if the "level window" property is of use since there is no level window displayed for surfaces anyway.

General discussion would be: Is it necessary to set the data node related parameters in the mapper or wouldn't that be more appropriate in the datanode constructor part.

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