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[mxn multi widget] Not able to chose level-window presets
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The mxn multi widget does not show the level-window slider. This is because

  1. with multiple topmost visible data nodes it is not easy to decide which data node the level-window slider should manipulate
  2. with the PACS mode always active (BlackSwan context) the mouse can be used to change the level-window inside a render window

However, with T26490 and T26492 it is now required and possible to show the level-window slider and manipulate the topmost visible data node inside the currently active render window.
Showing the level-window slider enables the use of the presets.

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Level window widget has been added to both multi widget editors, presets work.
Using the context-menu of the level window slider the user can select the node he or she wants to modify. Using the multi-node selection approach from T25804 requires the selected-property to be set by the render window manager.
However, the multi-node-selection approach is included as the data manager is currently always available.

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