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IGT tutorial step 1 and step 2 do not start
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When trying to start IGT tutorial step 1 and 2 from visual studio, an error occurs because dlls are missing. There is a workaround: copy the release or debug batch file from the binary folder and replace the call of the workbench by the MITK.sln file. If then visual studio is started with the path variable set, the tutorials can be started.

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Another workaround is to configure the environment variable for your executable in Visual Studio. To do so, first select Properties from MitkWorkbench context menu. In the Property Pages dialog, select Configuration Properties โ†’ Debugging. Copy the value of the variable 'Environment'. Paste it in the 'Environment' field of the respective executable.

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Even though it's hard to believe, this bug is still on my list. I use the steps regularly for practical exercises and have to explain the workaround every time. Hopefully I'll get around to fixing it soon....