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ImageCropper cannot crop some images (4d?)
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I was not able to perform a cropping. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start MITK in debug, load US4DCyl.nrrd and open the ImageCropper-plugin
  2. Select the loaded image in the datamanager
    • see how the UI of the plugin is enabled
  3. Create a new bounding shape
  4. Click on Crop

-> I get the message: The Cropping filter could not process because of: No overlap of the image and the cropping object.

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Can confirm with US4DCyl. Masking works however. @thomass Any idea?

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The reason seems to be that a BoundingShape as such is 3D with an index of size=3 that does not equal the index array of the 4D image. I will test the fix for other images to make sure.

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