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Define clean workflow for segmentation copying
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We often get the request for duplicating and moving multiple segmentations from one image to another.
Use cases could be something like

  • segmenting on T1 and having the same masks on T2
  • segmenting on CT and having an initial guess for all masks on MR
  • segmenting on MR at t=0 and having an initial guess for all masks on MR at t=1

Possible ways to do this could be:

  • loading the segmentation node twice and moving it in the data manager (enabling the data manager preference Allow changing of parent node)
  • using the image cropper

I would like to collect possible alternatives and pittfalls / drawbacks, especially when it comes to different geometries, whole body segmentation, a large amount of single segmentation nodes etc.

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No further work has been done here but I would like to keep this topic in mind when refactoring the segmentation modules.

This is a bigger topic, connected to the refactoring of the segmentation and should be handled in multiple sub-tasks, to split the topic into smaller issues.