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MITK Workflow Q&A
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We need instruction/document for (at least) the following questions/situations

  • How to start and finish a new feature
  • How to transfer interim states (e.g. to test on other machines, or to give others the possibility to look into it)
  • How to solve merge conflict when arc land
  • How to review a feature branch before it goes /dev
  • How to prepare a release branch and what to before it goes /master
  • How to fix something in /develop or /master
  • ... may be also other things, please add

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floca triaged this task as High priority.May 13 2020, 2:26 PM
floca created this task.

Uh, I noticed that it is possible to add aliases/workflows to Arcanist, that are sourced from the project repository. Could be a nice way of streamlining some things. I also noticed that there's already an arc feature feature/T12345-bla which boils down to a git checkout develop && git checkout -b feature/T12345-bla.

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We now have some manuals but we still need an example-based guide for reviews/Arcanist.

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@kompan and I created this guide some time ago. We can reuse it, extend it and put the content into the Phabricator wiki: