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[Documentation] Update "How to create a new MITK Module"
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I want to create an new module. Therefore I read the tutorial ( and follow the steps.
First I created a folder in Modules. Then I wanted to add the folder in CMakeLists.txt in the Modules directory in the section set(module_dirs) but I can not find this section so I add it. But when I build it in QtCreator there is an error that says the new module is not in a CMakeLists.txt file.
I found a ModuleList.cmake file where I added my module too but it is still the same error.
Then I create a CMakeLists.txt file in the Module/myModule directory like this:

    PRIVATE src/DataManagement

but there is an error which says that the INTERFACE libary can only use with the interface key word.

Has anyone an idea to resolve this?

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Thanks for the report. I renamed the task to an actual task as the documentation you are referring to seems not to be up-to-date regarding ModuleList.cmake.

For questions, though, please use the #help-mitk Slack channel or the mitk-users mailing list (public).

  • For most up-to-date templates of modules, pulgins, applications, see the MITK-ProjectTemplate
    • As you can see in the ExampleModule template, only add your module folder to the ModuleLists.cmake file and do not touch the CMakeLists.txt file in the Modules folder.
    • See also the files.cmake file in the ExampleModule template. You need to specify actual .cpp files to have something to compile. Otherwise it would be an interface module which I guess is not what you want.
  • See the Remarkup Reference for formatting features in Phabricator like code blocks
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