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Plugin Generator tests fail
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The introduction of the new dashboard script revealed that the PluginGenerator tests fail. I already fixed a PATH issue with the Windows mitkPluginGeneratorCreateTest but the remaining errors are actual test errors.

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Since we have this task now I suggest to deactivate them "somewhere globally" and discuss later how to proceed. My guess would be it is quite some effort. Having tests for the generator, packging and the extension mechanism is very important I think, but I'm not sure what the current tests cover and if it's worth to fix.

Yes, let's deactivate them for now (again), and discuss it in the next MITK meeting.

Info for the meeting/ideas we already had:

  1. Getting rid of the project generation part as we want to focus on the MITK-ProjectTemplate and fix the plugin generarion part
  2. Getting completely rid also of the actual plugin generation part (like, use a plugin template of MITK-ProjectTemplate)
  3. Fix everything (do we really want to maintain a 3rd "build system" in parallel?)
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