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[CEST] Error loading custom data due to alleged spacing of 0
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Request from @makr

I got this error message on SS FSE CEST, ERROR: Image(0000027E06632400): A spacing of 0 is not allowed: Spacing is [0.31, 0.31, 0]

Is there a workaround?

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@makr Could you please let us know:

  1. if the problem still persists
  2. What OS do you use?
  3. Could you provide any kind of example data for us to reproduce the error?


thanks for reply and your help!

  1. I solved the problem by changing from SS to multiple slice sequence. However, I am still struggling to get an CEST parameter map. Is there an updated manual available? I attached some sample data as well, see comment 3.
  2. Windows 10. But would prefer if there is a MAC version available.
  3. please find the sample data here:

Its a mouse with brain tumor and I used the following parameters (7T MRI): CEST ampl. 4%, B1:3uT, delta t: 90us, sweep from 2000 Hz in 200Hz steps to -2000Hz (10 to -10 ppm).

Hi @makr,

  1. Could you provide also a SS example. As it should also work with SS and I would like to know the reason.
  2. A MAC version will be available with the next public MITK release (planned for next january).
  3. Thanks for the example data. I have some questions regarding it:
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it still is very relevant and I have a master student working on the project right now. Is there a chance to contact you directly via Email?