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[MultiLabel Segmentierung] – Optionen
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The options under Preferences: MultilLabel Segmentation seem to not work. Or I don't no the exact change in the outcome:
I created a MultiLabel Segmentation. I Created a mask out of it.
But similar to T28211 the mask has even different colors in different views:

image.png (855×840 px, 302 KB)

Also when changing the settings, there is no change to the mask: with "Draw as outline", the mask is still displayed as a tranparent overlay.

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gaoh triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 29 2021, 12:42 PM
gaoh created this task.

Ah, when changing the Preference of Segmenation, the mask is changed... How can I create a "Multilabel Mask"?

Ah it seems I was mistaking, at least the transparent overlay works, the color mismatch remains.

The other options "Show as volume rendering" and "Enable auto-selection mode" are not working as described. Or I didn't get the description..

kislinsk added a subscriber: kislinsk.

Color is fixed with T28211. The other options really do not work or are implemented very sloppy (volume rendering). I will remove them as one can consider them dummy options at the moment.

The auto-selection preference should work but I think it isn't able anymore to select all other images to hide them as the used predicate was changed to also check the geometry. The predicate used for auto-selection needs to be more general.

edit: This assumption was wrong. It actually uses different predicates but the preferences were simply not applied because of an unnecessary restrictive condition.

In case of QmitkSegmentationView the preference was even hijacked for something different but the tooltip in the preferences still indicate the originally intended behavior.