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Re-enable code coverage testing in MITK CI
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There is a superbuild variable WITH_COVERAGE which should turn on code coverage reports for Linux dartclients.

For testing I added this to the MITKDahboardScript:


submit(PARTS Test Coverage Done)

The necessary flags are set correclty (-fprofile-arcs -fuse-coverage) and coverage information is generated during CTest runs of the test. However something fails during collection of the data. (No coverage information found)

However, changing into MITK-build and calling ctest -D Experimentalworks perfectly.

This ticket is primarily for reference, I can keep looking at the issue with low priority, if someone wants to take over I'm happy to help

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 6 2021, 12:40 AM

I tried several things again, similar to described above, same situation.

Unfortunately even a "manual" did not work, since make ExperimentalSubmit resulted in a 401 authorization error though I have the correct API token and submission works in the driver script.

I found one last hint, about a possible interference with ccache , last try ...

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