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int64 not supported
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I would like to view segmentations from the 2021 KiTS challenge ( These are saved as int64. MITK cannot open these segmentations.
In python, SimpleITK is able to read the segmentations just fine:

import SimpleITK as sitk
a = sitk.GetArrayFromImage(sitk.ReadImage('kidney_instance-2_annotation-3.nii.gz'))


Since MITK is based on ITK (same as SimpleITK) I would assume that is should be able to load the segmentation as well? Or is MITK a 32bit program?

I can convert the segmentations to int32 or uint32 in python and then they can be read by MITK, but this seems like a thing not every MITK user will want to or be able to do :-)

image.png (22×438 px, 6 KB)

Ubuntu 18.04