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MitkResampleImage and MitkResampleMask CL tools produce result with different dimensions
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For some data in the Multiple Myeloma (MM) project, I recognized, that the MitkResample' CL tools produce results with different dimensions for an image and its corresponding mask.

I put some example data in the following folder:

hd7r_T1.nrrd -> orig image
hd7r_Beli.nrrd -> orig mask
res_hd7r_T1.nrrd -> resampled image with MitkResampleImage (size {385 289 52 })
res_hd7r_Beli.nrrd -> resampled mask with MitkResampleImage (size {385 289 52 })
res_hd7r_Beli_2.nrrd -> resampled mask with MitkResampleMask (size {384 288 52 })

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