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XNAT plugin does not work with XNAT version 1.8.2
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We updated the XNAT to version 1.8.2. Now it does not work with the XNAT plugin. The error tells:

Connecting failed:
Invalid Server Adress
Possibly due to missing OpenSSL for HTTPS connections

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kleina created this task.

I looked into this together with @kislinsk. It looks like CTK cannot handle newer versions of XNAT. THey try to retrieve the XNAT version via

QUuid uuid = QUuid uuid = xnat->get("/data/version");  //ctkXnatSession.cpp:192

This does not work for XNAT 1.8.2, as the called link /dat/version is not available anymore. The xapi changed. THe correct call now looks like the following:

QUuid uuid = xnat->get("/xapi/siteConfig/buildInfo/version");

I will test this locally and make sure it works with both versions. We will probably have to commit this to CTK.

Seems to work. I am now able to connect to XNAT 1.6.4 and XNAT 1.8.2. Idk if there are more versions with different calls, these are the only two that I have available to test.

@kislinsk, @floca : How does one contribute to CTK? Add a pull request vie github?

There is already a pull request for CTK that fixes this issue. I commented on it. Nothing to do from our side I guess.