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[Image Statistics] Crash when dynamic segmentation does not have a segmentation in the current time step
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The demo project contains a dynamic image with a dynamic segmentation. Only in time steps 0 and 1 are actual segmentations. When selecting both the image and segmentation in the Image Statistics view and changing the current time step t to t > 1, a crash / uncatched exception occurs (see below).

MITK Exception:

Description: StatisticsObject for timeStep 2 not found!

Filename: Modules/ImageStatistics/mitkImageStatisticsContainer.cpp

Line: 131

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floca added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Nov 2 2021, 5:38 PM

The problem is fixed by the diff. One can argue that the current solution for the histogramm widget (hide if timestep has no statistic) is not ideal from the UX perspective (very flickery).
But I think that is another problem. The question should be, why are no statistics container produced for empty masks? wouldn't make it more sense to produce a also for such time step a statistic, even if it is very trival as no pixel are evaluated.