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2021 Week 48 (Very Early December)
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rMITK1d891123341a: Merge branch 'master' into develop
rMITKf98f284f26c9: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28833-FixGeometryOfLabelMaskImages' into develop
rMITK5b54b904a6fe: Directly apply changes in preferences to "use constraint zooming and panning"
rMITK832d5eb05ead: [BUG FIX][Statistics] Difference in behavior between the two data selection…
rMITK1ac78c5a82d4: [BUG FIX][Image Statistics] "Ignore zero-valued voxels" checkbox active when no…
rMITKa8b5789c4365: Merge branch 'feature/T28861-SupportVisualStudio2022' into develop
rMITK1c4db16fd159: Revert changes to directly apply correct zooming and panning
rMITK63e51b4fa3fa: Add unit test for Two Compartment Exchange Model.
rMITK91160d4af88b: Add extended Tofts model unit test (using a Weinmann AIF)
rMITK608047a12d38: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28882-FixInitialSelectionInPropertiesView' into develop
rMITKac6b63c2036a: Unit test for standard Tofts model
rMITKfd647480c6ec: Fix volume rendering for 4d images
rMITKbc1afdbf3f25: Merge branch 'bugfix/T28898-AddMoreThan255Labels' into develop
T24754: Volume Visualization crashes with some CT images
T28274: [Volume Visualization] Volume Rendering for 4D images does only work on timestep 0 or not at all
T28515: [Statistics] Difference in behavior between the two data selection methods
T28778: "Use constraint zooming and panning" is only applied after reinit/restart
T28788: [Image Statistics] "Ignore zero-valued voxels" checkbox active when no data selected
T28833: Label masks have wrong geometry
T28861: Support Visual Studio 2022
T28882: Properties of initially selected nodes are not shown in Properties View.
T28898: Cannot create new label in multilabel segmentation