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List of MITK publications on web page is not up to date
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The list of MITK publications on the web page ( was not updated since 2017. The first 5 findings of a google scholar search "MITK" since 2018 (,5&as_ylo=2018) look fine. Should we add them?

Another idea: From my own list of publications I could add a few where MITK is not in the title, but mentioned in the text. Should we also do this, possibly only of a few selected publications in which MITK played a major role, but did not make it into the title?

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franza triaged this task as High priority.Nov 22 2022, 11:56 AM
franza created this task.

Status: Currently I add 10 MITK-related papers per day to our publications page. Ongoing...

Status: Added quite a few papers up until 2020 thanks to a currated list of papers from @floca. For the past two years we now need to look out for papers first.

kislinsk lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Feb 15 2023, 8:40 AM
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