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Make Segmentation Tasks Lists fully available in the MITK Workbench
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First tests with the Segmentation Task Lists and their GUI were successful and we think that the feature is ready to be made available to a broader audience. Therfore, we would like to make the plugin/view and probably a dedicated perspective also available in the MITK Workbench. Another implication is to move all the intermediate documentation written down in several tasks into the official MITK documentation and help pages.

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Mon, Jan 23, 1:31 PM
kislinsk created this task.

We may be have to sort out some technical details. Currently the view has a hard code name/UI that is defined by MITK Flow policy. MITK Flow expects always to have *one* view with view id="org.mitk.views.flow.control". That id is not very specific on purpose as you could use the MITK Flow with just another set views (e.g. a hypothatical org.mitk.gui.qt.flow.registration plugin) and then have the same work style but for doing registration. By using an id convention for the view that controls the saving/clearence of the data and one well defined perspective (ID = org.mitk.qt.flowapplication.defaultperspective) they are easy interchangable. If we start to reuse them in the normal application it might be a problem as the IDs are not very specific.