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Create an MITK extension for IGT&co and move code
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As there is (1) no know-how/experience in the core team regarding IGT related codes; (2) the core team has also no hardware to really test if things still work; (3) the IGT code is still attached/affected and generates effort (e.g. when updating third-party dependencies or new compiler versions) and (4) we do not even know if it is still needed/used in SYMIC, we plan to move the codes of the following modules out of MITK.git and into an own extension (MITK IGT like we have MITK Diffusion):

  • CameraCalibration
  • IGT
  • IGTBase
  • OpenCVVideoSupport
  • OpenIGTLink
  • OpenIGTLinkUI
  • ToFHardware
  • ToFProcessing
  • ToFUI
  • US
  • USUI

This includes also all plug-ins that depend on these modules and all third-party dependencies that are only used by these modules.

Things to do:

  • clarify if there is a maintainer for this extension (like Peter Neher for diffusion). If this is the case, further things should be clarified with the maintainer. If not, this extension should be marked as unmaintained and it's up to the community to take care that it still works more recent MITK versions are operating systems etc.. We would just document last known MITK snapshot it worked.
  • Create the extension and move the code
  • remove the code from mitk.git
  • (after the move to gitlab) set up CI for the new extension)

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Using gflags.exe and enabling "Show loader snaps" for MitkWorkbench.exe revealed why the ultrasound plugin could not be loaded anymore: The OpenCV DLLs could not be found since the path "MITK-superbuild\ep\x64\vc17\bin" wasn't included in PATH.

kislinsk added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Feb 26 2024, 11:24 AM

MITK-IGT is currently still hosted here in Phabricator: rIGT MITK-IGT.

Deleted branch from rMITK MITK: feature/T30152-MoveIGTIntoExtension.