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Rename "Time" to "Timestep" in Image Navigator?
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In the Concentration Curve Converter View checklist, the following remark came up:
"What is the relation between the time in the Image Navigator and time in the Modelfit Inspector View? They have different ranges for all images I showed. As I have no idea what I’m doing this might be correct ;)"

In the Image Navigator the time steps are shown as integer values, in the ModelFit Inspector View the actual time in s in shown on the x-axis. As from the user comment, this can lead to confusion for the user. Since in the Image Navigator not the actual time but the number of the time step is displayed, I would suggest renaming "Time" to e.g. "Timestep" to emphasize the difference.

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kompan triaged this task as Normal priority.Tue, May 7, 9:48 AM
kompan created this task.

It is not straighforward which name to use, since what is displayed in the Image Navigator depends on if the dynamic image has been globally or locally initiated. Therefore, for now we keep the name "Time" in the Image Navigator. What is shown is therefore not obvious for the user and should be documented clearly in the F1 help. It needs to be checked if this is the case.
A solution could be to provide a separate slider in the ModelFit Inspector View.