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Mouse pointer for crosshair rotation is wrong
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After switching between forth and back between "Crosshair Rotation" and "No crosshair rotation", the mouse pointer stays in rotation mode.

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Tried to add a new state to the statemachine to reset the mousepointer.

Added a state in statemachine xml. Called from stdmultiwidget. That did not solve the problem.

Requesting core modification...

[SVN revision 20437]
FIX (#3047): Explicit reset of mouse cursor when slice rotation mode is left

Bug has been fixed. A related problem occurs when moving the (rotation) mouse
cursor along an plane intersection line beyond the render window border. The
cursor symbol (wrongly) remains in rotation mode and is only reset when
re-entering the renderwindow at a different location.

This is not as critical as the previous bug, since the cursor is restored as
soon as the render windows is re-entered.

A new (non-3M3) bug has been created (T3080).

Closing bug.

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"